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Finding a "church home" can be overwhelming for anyone! It can be difficult to find out how to get involved and connected. Here at Truth Church, we understand that and we have you covered!

Discover & Grow is designed to introduce you to our church and help you take the next step toward becoming a committed part of our family and are designed to help you find your place. There is a place for everyone!

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Let's discover the truth in HIS word together...

Discover Truth is a class designed to answer questions like, "How can I receive the salvation that Jesus Christ provides?" The Bible provides the answer to that simple yet vital question. The goal of this class is to find biblical answers and to discuss the many issues arising out of subjects such as this one. 

In this class we lay aside the doctrines of men and man-made denominations and see what the Bible itself teaches about salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and living a Christian life!