40 Days of Truth...

Starting on the first of January every year, Truth Church embarks upon 40 days of corporate prayer, fasting, and the study of God's Word! 

These 40 days allow us as a body of Christ to become focused on His Word and our personal relationship with Him. The Christian life is a life of constant growing, maturing, and developing. We realize that our relationship with Jesus is the most important one we have and we are committed to our pursuit of Him!

Along with our prayer and fasting, we take these 40 days to go through our "40 Days" devotion book. This book guides us through the basic principles in God's Word and it makes our study more manageable. We are challenged to dive into the Bible every day. This book is an effective tool and it helps each of us grow in our walk with God while developing a habit of studying the Word of God on a daily basis.

We conclude our "40 Days of Truth" with a REVIVAL SUNDAY! 

It is our prayer that during these 40 days, not only do we become closer to God ourselves, but that we can now help lead others to be closer to Him as well.